How often do you check your email? If you're like 60.4% of knowledge workers, it's every 8 minutes or faster. Seems too fast? Roy Maurer digs into the patterns and how to reduce digital distractions at work. The tl;dr:

Productivity experts suggest prioritizing and batching communication into specific blocks during the day or scheduling periods of focused work without e-mail or Slack check-ins during parts of the day. — Roy Maurer

Update your tools to filter out unimportant messages for later. Also, consider using pomodoro technique to maintain a high focus on work. Also, don't be afraid to quit Slack or email then open it up later.

How to Reduce Digital Distractions at Work
It’s a paradox: digital workplace tools like e-mail, instant messaging and collaboration software have quickened the pace of office communications, but at the same time they are significant obstacles to getting work done.

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