We don't happen to use this app at Hello Potential, but the story from this French startup is so well written and their approach to entrepreneurship is so good that I had to share it. It's all about the people.

Here are some key quotes from their founder Philippe Vanderstigel. Make sure to click through to find even more value:

  • "I needed to know if the problem was a true pain point. I needed to validate this idea"
  • "All the features are built because they mentioned them. We didn't invent anything."
  • "It was really hard to manage all the feedbacks and follow-ups because of all these communication channels"
  • "You can't satisfy anyone with one unique solution."
  • "We took a step back and realized we wanted to go BIG too fast."
  • "They trusted us by signing up, but have no news about the product release or updates."
  • "You should talk to people for real first."

Part 2

  • "founders are fucking lonely"
  • "Your brain needs downtime."
  • "providing value to people through authenticity and honesty is the biggest impact you can make"
  • "remote team implies over-communication and precise documentation"
  • "Not only people shared awesome feedback in real-time, but I was able to detect Ux problems"
  • "I want to highlight the means to achieve it: sitting next to your users while they are using your product."
  • "You can’t satisfy everyone with a unique solution 😩"
  • "getting feedback as fast as possible, even without a product, was crucial and motivating."
  • "Preserving sincere relationships with early supporters is crucial to create the right product."
From SaaS idea validation in one day to 150 beta signups
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