What is Hello Potential?

Hello potential is a community to upgrade your career skills. We believe in personal growth through community. We organize workshops and handpick speakers who empower our community to seize opportunities and achieve their potential in communication and leadership. We believe in the continuous development and growth of people by sharing modern ideas and practices that will help individuals become better leaders and thrive in all aspects of their professional lives. This will lead to an evolution in the way business is done.

Why do you want me to be a speaker?

We believe that you have valuable information that would be interesting to our community and could help them in their day to day work.

Who would attend my talk?

While we are open to anyone who is interested in attending the events, our target audience are relatively young professionals (25-35) who have a few years of experience. These individuals are not only looking for inspiration and motivation but also guidance and direction to prosper in the workplace. They are the leaders of tomorrow.

How should I define the topic?

We understand that it can be difficult to pick a particular topic. Our team can help you narrow down the scope and deliver a delightful talk. We'll ask you questions about work or research, find your specialty or unique view, and then define something together. We'll also help you write a description and pick a title. We always aim for it to be short, clear, and to give some perspective to potential visitors on what to expect and get from our talk. You can find examples of our previous event announcements.

If you plan to deliver a talk or session you have already held on another event, we would love to see the recording! Have you ever held this lecture before and if so, where? Do you have a link or a file you could share with us (audio or video)?

What is the format of the event?

It’s up to you. The main part can be a talk or a lecture, but it can also be a small workshop. Choose the format that you think will engage the audience the most and that will enable you to transfer your message. We prefer the sessions to be as interactive as possible so that the outcome and value for the attendees is clear and tangible. We are also open to new formats so if you have something different in mind, please tell us. For example, in the past we have organized a discussion panel after a talk.

Since the whole idea of Hello Potential is to engage the community, each meetup has a networking session after the main content where people can get to know each other, make connections, talk about the topic, or just hang out. We always encourage our speakers to stick around for the networking part, to use the informal space for further discussions, and to share their experiences.

How long should the event be?

We have a hard limit of one hour of content. For a talk, it’s ideally a 20-30 min talk plus 15-20 min Q&A session. An interactive workshop can last the full hour. In this case, there wouldn’t be a formal Q&A session at the end.

Do I need to make slides?

Slides are not necessary, especially if you have an alternative session format. If you have any presentational materials, they should be in English since it’s the official language of Hello Potential.

What time should I arrive?

We start with a Meet and Greet at 6pm and the main content starts at 6:15pm. Please arrive around 5:30pm to test your presentation on our projector, get a drink, and familiarize yourself with the space. The Hello Potential team also likes to hang out with the speaker before the event so the speaker can have more familiar faces in the audience.

Do you record the session?

Yes, we record each session and post it to our YouTube channel approx. 1 month after the event.

What are the event logistics?

The venue is a lounge area of Bornfight offices. We have seating to accommodate up to 60 people with some standing space if needed. We have a projector (HDMI connector) with speakers, a flipchart/whiteboard, and we can arrange some pens and papers for the attendees if needed. We can also provide you with a laptop if you are not bringing your own (don’t forget your charger). We kindly ask you to define the format of the session in advance and let us know what logistical requirements you will have.

Am I getting paid?

We do not charge for the events. We organize them on a volunteer level and we currently cannot provide monetary compensation for your lecture. However, reimbursement for travel expenses might be possible.